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How it works - Circulair Footwear Alliance

The specifics

Even if your company doesn’t yet use circular shoes, you can participate by collecting work and safety shoes whenever possible. The only condition is that you opt for circular models when purchasing new shoes. This will help phase out non-circular work and safety shoes, especially if multiple brands start participating as well. The collected shoes are picked up, sorted at a central location and taken apart. Raw materials are then recovered from the disassembled shoe components using existing and new recycling techniques. These raw materials are used in new products, including in work and safety shoes.

This is how it works

  • After you register, we will determine how many branches your organisation has and how many collections points are needed.
  • You will then order and receive one CFA Box for each location: a smart collection box where people can deposit work and safety shoes.
  • Each CFA Box comes with full service (standard). This means that you hardly need to give the boxes a second thought. As soon as the CFA Box is full, the collected shoes will be picked up at your location by the parcel services.
  • Impact dashboards (per shipment and annually) will show you your positive contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.